The reason you can't lose weight...
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The iFactor Solution Video Series

Do you wonder why you gain back every pound you lose?

Feeling like you've tried everything, but the weight just won't stay off?

Discover the reason (and the solution) in this free video series.


iFactor is a program to transform your health now, and for LIFE.

  • Get the tools and support to lose weight this time...and avoid slowly sliding back into old habits
  • Improve your energy and feel more alive instead of drained and tired
  • Eliminate your need to "diet" as you balance your body's needs 
  • Understand why your hypoglycemic symptoms AREN'T hypoglycemia
  • End the guilt of feeling like you're "blowing your diet"
  • Get guidance from a medical physician that's been helping people lose weight long term for decades instead of a quick-fix gimmick

"I began the iFactor not knowing what to expect. In the first week, I lost 10 pounds. I was amazed at that much weight loss from understanding a new approach. I have continued on and feel better than I have in years!"

Ellen B.